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Qt 5.9 UWP

  • hi
    I create a project a build with UWP 64-Bit (MSVC 2017) & returm me this error

    qt.winrtrunner: "C:/QtProject/build-untitled-Qt_5_9_0_for_UWP_64bit_MSVC_2017-Release/release/AppxManifest.xml" does not exist.
    qt.winrtrunner: Unable to find a run profile for "C:/QtProject/build-untitled-Qt_5_9_0_for_UWP_64bit_MSVC_2017-Release/release/untitled.exe" .

  • I have the same problem,
    ¿Any ideas?
    PD: QtCreator says that my compiler my not produce code compatible with the QtVersion

  • Is this a self-built Qt Creator? Is the WinRT plugin enabled in Qt Creator?

    The fact that there is no AppxManifest indicates that you have been using the wrong qmake instance maybe? It has to be a matching qmake for any of the winrt-* mkspecs.

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