Apple not process the uploaded IPA becuase of Non-public API usage

  • Hello

    I am using QT 5.8 and want to upload my game to AppStore but i got this email after upload
    Received Message
    Non-public API usage:
    The app references non-public symbols in Trix: __ZN3WTF11OSAllocator16reserveAndCommitEmNS0_5UsageEbbb, __ZN3WTF11OSAllocator18releaseDecommittedEPvm, __ZN3WTF8pageSizeEv

    I am using this in .pro file
    CONFIG += c++11
    QT += qml quick sql purchasing gui multimedia

  • i downloaded QT 5.10 and uploaded again
    apple accepted it
    but still don't know the error was

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