Qt creator & Qt installer 5.8 are not launched!

  • i try several time and this problem does not solved!
    when i run every installer of Qt,the installer does not launched and when check this issue in task manager,showed its run and use about 1.5 G of ram!

    i use win 10 x64 and test it on other laptop and the problem is still exist.

    sorry for bad english!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    From where are you installing Qt?

    At first you need to run the installer and it shall finish. When the installer comes to a successful end, you can start the Qt creator. Therefore, in which part do you have problems?

    When the installer has already the problem, your antivirus-checker may interfere.

  • thank you koahnig!

    i disabled my antivirus and double clicked on "qt-creator-opensource-windows-x86_64-4.3.0"
    but any window not launched!

    by checking task manager,i am seeing this :

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    You could try the online installer

    It allows you to install Qt creator and in addition also Qt libs. You can choose different combinations.

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