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Tips for a Newbie developing a cross-platform Database Navigator

  • Hello guys,

    I'm developing an open-source database navigator application focused on developers. I'm aware of the amount of softwares like this, but I have an specific target: be similar to Sequelpro (https://www.sequelpro.com/) over Linux, MacOS and Windows, but supporting more servers than just MySQL. Since I use these three OS regularly, I really miss Sequelpro while developing on Linux and Windows.

    The problem is, I'm, professionally, a PHP developer and I don't have developed in C++ for years and never used Qt before (I'm really enjoying it). So, I would like to have someone with experience in both C++ and Qt to take a look at the sources and give me some tips to make it better. I'm sure it will be amazingly helpful.

    There are some points I'm completely lost:

    • Properly structure the code.
    • Resize column bar and similar one inside the tabs.
    • Show icon in the windows task bar after connection window is closed (I'm pretty sure I'm handling the windows in a bad way).
    • Show the connection window on top when the user wants to open a new connection tab.
    • Correctly paginate results from QSqlTableModel (I could not find a LIMIT option there).

    Some to-dos that I'm aware:

    • Create adapters for database servers, right now MySQL is hard coded in the DatabaseConnection class.
    • Add the option the select the driver of the item above in the connection window.

    Of course, it's still brand new and I still have a lot to do, but I think it is time to get a restructure before going for more features.

    Here is the source: https://bitbucket.org/xurumelous/thoth

    It looks like this right now: http://i.imgur.com/nIeLq5b.png

    Thank you in advance!

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