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Recommended free, trustable proxy could work with QNetworkProxy

  • Are there exist these kind of proxies?
    I try to find some proxy by keywords "free proxy", but none of them is workable

    QStringList const proxy_host{"https://www.kproxy.com/", "https://hide.me/en/proxy",
    QNetworkProxy proxy;

    What wrong do I commits?Wrong proxy?Wrong settings? etc

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    You are likely looking from something like the squid proxy.

    Hope it helps

  • @SGaist Thanks for the link, unfortunately this do not looks like what I want. What I am trying to do is scraping images searched by Google, Bing and Yahoo, to make the download process more "human like", I want to build up a pool of proxies and change the proxy of QNetworkAccessManager time to time but not building a proxy/server by myself. Do you know any proxy ready to be used?

    ps : project page

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    Why exactly that pool of proxies ?

  • @SGaist said in Recommended free, trustable proxy could work with QNetworkProxy:

    Why exactly that pool of proxies ?

    Sorry for my ambiguity words, it is just a bunch of proxies ready for me to connect(I named it pool because it is somewhat similar to thread pool).

    What I intent to do(pseudo codes):

    QStringList const proxy_host{"", "", ...and so on};
    //......another data
    QNetworkProxy proxy(proxy_host[qrand() % proxy_host.size()]);

    Like this, I can switch the proxy every 15~30 download request, in this case the server would not treat me as the same users, this should lower the risk of being spotted as a robot.

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