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Update to Qt Creator 3.5.0 and drawn over dialogues corrupted

  • Hi All,
    I just updated from an old QT to Qt Creator 3.5.0 on Linux Lubuntu. My code was working fine, however after the update if I draw/move a dialogue over another dialogue the dialogues below are corrupted when I close the dialogue on top. The only way to clear this is to "grab" the lower dialogues and "wobble" them, this causes an update. The corruption does not appear to happen when the upper dialogue is drawn/move on top but only when it is closed ( x is hit ) has anyone experienced this and is there a work round? Thanks

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Qt and Qt Creator are not the same thing, thus did you update both of them ?

    In any case, Qt Creator 3.5 is pretty outdated, the current version is 4.3

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