Idea... QmlLive/Qt3D Editor + Qt3D + Qt3D physics

  • We start to have nice things around, that if we put together them, we could have a basic type of Unity3D with some extras coming from the well design of QML as inheritance of components.

    Nobody dreamed about that? or it just lack of time?
    I know i am unable to finish anything... it is hard to work at home after a season of programming of 9 hours.

    Anybody knows if there is a project with this aim already?

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    Do you mean something like the Qt 3D Studio ?

  • Well, yes.

    But Qt 3D Studio is not based in QML

    I mean something like a Unity3D where the "Scene" is a QML file loading QML components.
    You could build QML components and set them later in the scene, using the Qt3D Editor.
    Qt is not far of being able to work like that.

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