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QXlsx print Document

  • Hello all.
    I using QXlsx in my project, but i do not see How to Print Already prepared document.
    How can this be corrected?
    And if you can not correct this, how can we get the same result? (Without QPainter)

  • Hi,
    That library does not have any sort of GUI/Printing support included (and never will as it's outside of the scope).
    Also xlsx files contains relatively little information on how to print (don't get me wrong, they contain a lot of print info but not all of it)

    If you can live with requiring MS Windows and to have MS Excel installed in every machine you use your code on you can use ActiveX http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qaxcontainer-module.html

  • @VRonin
    thanks for your reply.
    Unfortunately, I do not have so much experience that I have to deal with this issue.
    I will again call QPainter.

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