QML Map 5.9 - How to animate map bearing

  • I would like to know if it is possible to animate a map's bearing. I have the map in a driver's up orientation, meaning the map is always displayed with a rotation that lets the driver's icon on the map always be pointed up. I do this by setting the Map's bearing property whenever I get get a new position for the driver(which also contains the heading or bearing of the driver). This works great, but the only issue is that I would like to animate the rotation of the map. As it is now, the rotation is instantaneous and leaves one a little nauseous when watching the map. When I try out Google Maps on my phone the map rotations are very smooth and aesthetic . I would like this kind of behavior in my QML map

    I have tried something this on as part of the Map object:
    Behavior on bearing {NumberAnimation {easing.type:Easing.InOutQuad; duration:1000}}

    But it had no effect. Any suggestions much appreciated

  • @DBoosalis

    This was pretty easy to do. All I did was add a couple of Rotation animators, one for the vehicle and one for the map itself

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