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A Framework for the Application

  • Hi everyone,

    After searching the forum and running out of applicable keywords to use, I decided to come here. These days, applications have their own programming language to extend their functionalities. Think about Visual Studio, Maya, Blender, just to name a few.

    I'm thinking about creating a framework that users could use to extend the application that I'm creating functionality. The application is a trading platform similar to MT4 and will have a language similar to MQL4. MQL4 is really its own language, instead of a framework.

    I found this page, but I'm not sure yet if I need additional knowledge outside this page to create the platform's language or framework.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Qt already provides a scripting language: QML.

    You can also use python, like Maya, for that.

    It depends a bit on what you want to achieve with your application.

  • Hi!
    Like @SGaist already implied, using a readily available engine (e.g. for QML, JS, Python, Lisp etc) would be the easiest way to make your application scriptable. But if you really want to invent your own DSL, I'd suggest to have a look at Boost Spirit.

  • Hi,

    @SGaist , my knowledge of QML is slightly limited (I work with the widget classes simply because Visual Studio has better support for it currently, correct me if I'm wrong). I do have plans of learning it after seeing the creativity unleashed from a programmer that knows how to use. I just wanted to say thanks in advanced and I will search Google for the integration.

    @Wieland , thanks for showing me that link. Maybe that might be something that I do at a later stage of the software development. Maybe version 2 or 3.


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