QtCreator 4.2.2 UI not refresh automatically

  • I've just installed QtCreator 4.2.2 via online installing tool.
    After exec qtcreator.exe, it seems everything is ok as it shows the welcome window, but got stopped starting my hello-world project.

    A project was created, and it shows the project files in the projects panel. However, it did nothing when i click, double-click, or right-click on the tree items, which folders or files.
    When i went back to the Welcome window, and then turned back to the Edit window, the content in the project refreshed.

    Then i tested it in the Code Editor (The largest area), and click on the bottom buttons. ("1 Issues 2 Search Results 3 Application Output ...")
    It acted as the same. For example, When i clicked on the 1 Issues, nothing happen. then turns to the Welcome window and back, the Issues window came out.

    System: win 7 sp 1 64bit
    Qt Creator 4.2.2 based on Qt 5.8.0 (MSVC 2015, 32bit) from revision 991f5eb6a5
    Qt Version: Desktop Qt 5.9.0 MSVC 2017 64bit

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