Actions for MenuItem in multiple files?

  • Hi,

    I am trying to make a context menu and a menu-bar menu (they are in different files) to "share" the same action.

    So I tried putting Action in a Singleton (in a separate .qml). It looks like this:

    // MenuActions.qml
    pragma Singleton
    Item {
        Action {
            id: action1
            text: qsTr("Action 1")
            shortcut: "Ctrl+A"
            onTriggerd: console.log("action 1 triggered")
        function action1() { return action1 }

    And my .qml files that contains the menu-bar or the context menu has this such that both invokes the same Action's:

    Menu {
        title: qsTr("Title Name")
        MenuItem { action: MenuActions.action1() }
        // ...

    For the most part, this works. However, the keyboard shortcut no longer works. (Pressing Ctrl+A - which is assigned in the property of Action in the singleton file - won't trigger the action).

    Is there a better way to implement something like this? Are there any work-around?

    Thanks so much in advance.

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