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QT3D anti-aliasing problem

  • I am doing a C++ app which captures the scene rendered with QT3D. What I noticed is , there is no anti-aliasing applied as there are jagged edges as well as temporal flickering. A quick test with QT example (Qt 3D: Shadow Map QML Example) also shows same problem (look at shadow etc). I am using QT5.8 for windows.

    Google search show there is one related QMultiSampleAntiAliasing Class, which require multisampling enabled. However, there are problem reported to use multisampling with render capture ( bug report1 and bug2 ). I wonder if there is other anti-aliasing available ? Anyone knows how to apply, for example FXAA (or other AA) on QT3D rendered scene? Any C++ example will be very helpful. Thanks

  • Hi,

    IIRC you have to use code like the following before you create any Qt3DWindow.

    QSurfaceFormat format;


  • @m.sue , I just tried it with my own code and on QT examples, the problems stay the same as before. By setting the default surface format to what you posted, does it support anti-aliasing by default? is there anything else I need to do in addition to the code you posted? Thank you .

  • Hi,
    I have the same Problem. Where I have to add the QMultiSampleAntiAliasing instance?

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