SH_Menu_SloppySubMenus no longer used. Can't disable!

  • (Referring to context menus) Using Qt 5.5.1 (Need to use MSVC2010)

    As noted by this bug, the SH_Menu_SloppySubMenus style hint is no longer used, so I can't disable it!

    This is a big problem for my software because I have widgets IN the submenu. So I want the submenu to remain open to let the user interact with the widgets until an action is clicked or they click off the menu. However, Qt 5.5 introduced a change so now the submenu closes automatically after 400ms when you mouse off the submenu (annoying) but even WORSE is that it doesn't count the widgets ON the submenu as part of the submenu, prompting a close automatically anyway.

    What can I do?

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    You'll likely have to re-build Qt yourself patching the part that was modified and now ignores SH_Menu_SloppySubMenus.

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