OrbitCameraController - invert mouse axes

  • Hello Coders,
    Is there a way to invert mouse axes using OrbitCameraController QML Type?

    I just want to use orbit camera more intuitive for user when he/she wants to look around objects placed in the 0,0,0 point (something like in CAD programs or Blender etc). This should look like objects inside my scene are rotating with mouse. I can remember that with simple OpenGL it was possible (and default). Maybe there is other method to achieve what I want with QML (Qt3D)?

    Thanks for help.

  • Hi! Can't test it right now, but from a brief look at qorbitcameracontroller.cpp I'd assume that it's enough to set the linearSpeed and lookSpeed properties to negative value. Default values are:

        , m_linearSpeed(10.0f)
        , m_lookSpeed(180.0f)

    So in your QML code, you could try:

    linearSpeed: -10
    lookSpeed: -180

  • @Wieland Yes! It is working as I want. Thank You so much.

    On the other hand this is the opportunity to remind my other question which is still unresolved :(
    It will be great if someone will find a solution for my problem:
    LINK: Running APPs with Qt3D - need help.

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