The buffer size used in QMediaplayer

  • I use QMediaplayer to play a video
    QMediaPlayer* player = new QMediaPlayer;

    In QMediaplayer we have the bufferStatus() method but it just return the percentage that buffer was used. Can I know the buffer size used when playing video?

    I think if i know the way bufferStatus() method was written then i can know the buffer size. I go to this to get qmediaplayer source code. And this is the bufferStatus method

       int QMediaPlayer::bufferStatus() const
        Q_D(const QMediaPlayer);
        if (d->control != 0)
            return d->control->bufferStatus();
        return 0;

    when I click to bufferStatus method i go to the qmediaplayercontrol source code. This is just an interface so i still dont know exactly how bufferStatus method was written.

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    You will find the implementation of this method in the various multimedia backends.

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