QcomboBox does not show or lost when Qwebengineview opened

  • Hi,

    I am creating one desktop application using QMainWindow. On this MainWindow I have a frame in Top view and One vertical layout. On top view frame there is two pushbuttons which will change view in vertical layout. One ComboBox selection in frame in top view. This comboBox have added options as Sign out and user profile.
    In vertical layout , there is a sliding stackwidget which contain Qwidgets. On selection of pushbuttons slding stackwidgets changed. In one of sliding stack widget I am adding QWebEngineView to show browser.
    When this QwebEngineView is not selected QcomboBox show dropdown menu. But once QwebEngineView is shown then QcomboBox is not shown menu. It is clicking but no view. Also , on clicking another view of sliding stackwidget QcomboBox lost focus. Once Alt+tab then it got focus again. Also I am using showFullScreen() . If I used showMaximized() then QcomboBox is selectable. But i want to use showFullScreen() as in showMaximized() mode it show below taskbar. This taskbar is not shown.

    //your code here

  • I am using Qt5.6 on windows 7

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