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Qt5 and PySide2 Support and Packaging

  • The old PySide is available on pip and seem to appear in the enterprise linux repositories but I can't find anything pyside2 related. Is PySide2 going to get an official release and support on Enterprise Linux distributions?

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    @esnyder said in Qt5 and PySide2 Support and Packaging:

    Enterprise Linux

    What Enterprise Linux distribution do you mean? Red Hat?
    This is something the distribution is responsible for, not even PySide project.
    You should ask the distribution makers, but usually such distributions do not change major versions of the packaged software in the same distribution version.

  • @jsulm Red Hat and derivatives, ie: the Enterprise Linux distributions from Scientific Linux and SUSE to CentOS. :)

    When you download Qt itself you get a generic Linux installer, but many companies also host packaging specifically for different distributions (most often .deb or .rpm) and/or have resources assigned to helping maintain packages in mainstream distributions.

    I was hoping to locate supported pre-built libraries. The PySide version available in most distributions and from pypi are volunteer maintained, but last year there were announcements around Qt investing into PySide/PySide2. I was curious if that meant we would be getting distribution packaging for the PySide2 project from Qt. QtCreator now has some limited Python support and that's very exciting. Maybe someday a version of PySide2 built-into Qt distribution for Android... but that's probably me getting ahead of things. :)

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