Put qwindows.dll in same folder than app.exe

  • I created one app in Qt 5and used windeploy to get the necessary dlls. I need qwindows.dll. this file is inside a folder named platforms.
    I would like to move the library next to the app.exe. Is it possible?
    I tried to include path to it in .pro, but without luck...

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  • I did this

    if file organization is:

    • dlls ...
      like this is ok

    but if I make

    • bearer/
      • dlls ...

    and put qt.conf next to exe with content

    like this works also


    if I put dlls next to exe, app does not work, with qt.conf containing:

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    AFAIR, the plugins should follow the structure provided (platforms, bearer, etc.)

    Out of curiosity, why do you want to put absolutely all .dll files in the same folder ?

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