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how should connect QTableview using QtRPT design tool in qt creator (ubuntu 16.04 LTS) 64 bit

  • Hi All,
    I am trying to use the TableView for my qt application which is connecting with MSSQL server and i have design the page using QtRPT design tool i am trying to write code for below is code in this code they have used tablewidget ,instead of tablewidget need to use the TableView plz guide me ......

    QtRPT *report = new QtRPT(this);
    QString ID,Name,Lastname,contact,EmailId;
    // report->recordCount.append(ui->tableView->rowCount());
    // connect(report,&QtRPT::setValue,[&](const int recNo,const QString paramName,QVariant &paramValue,const int reportPage)
    connect(report,&QtRPT::setValue,[&](const int recNo, const QString paramName, QVariant &paramValue, const int reportPage){
    if(paramName == "ID")
    //paramValue = ui->tableView->itemDelegateForRow(recNo,ID);
    paramValue = ui->tableView->item(recNo,ID);

        if(paramName == "Name")
            paramValue = ui->tableView->item(recNo,Name)
        if(paramName == "Lastname")
            paramValue = ui->tableView->item(recNo,Lastname)
        if(paramName == "contact" )
            paramValue = ui->tableView->item(recNo,contact)
        if(paramName == "EmailId")
            paramValue = ui->tableView->item(recNo,EmailId)

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    QtRPT is not an official module from the Qt project. You should also try to contact the authors of that library on their forum.

  • okay ....thanks for the information....@SGaist

  • Hi ,
    I have successfully connected QtRPT with Tableview finally......

  • @veera
    hello verra can you share your information how to connect QtRPT to tableview pleaser

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