QNetworkReply error signal

  • I don't understand the documentation describing QNetworkReply error signal:

    "This signal is emitted when the reply detects an error in processing. The finished() signal will probably follow, indicating that the connection is over."

    What is the meaning of probably?

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    @HojjatJafary I think finished() signal will not be emitted always in case of error depending on what exactly went wrong. But I don't know exactly. For that you would need to read Qt source code or ask Qt developers.

  • Is this mean I must always subscribe for the error signal to check the status of the connection? because the will be a finished() signal in all situations.

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    @HojjatJafary It is ALWAYS a good idea to connect to error() signals - you never know what can go wrong and when. Error handling is one the most important topics in software development at least if you want to write high quality software.

  • Thank you @jsulm.

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