QCA does not work (Qt5.8, Win7-64)

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    i have compiled last version of QCA (2.2.0) and linked to my application. So far everything semms to be ok. The call for supported "openpgp" after QCA::init get the right result (if(QCA::isSupported("openpgp")) returns true). But if i try to load a PGP key with QCA::PGPKey pSKey("keyfile.asc"); ends up with "QIODevice::read (gpgQCAPlugin::SProcess): device not open" in the application output window and the app is dieing. What's going wrong?

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    From an educated guess, you are using a relative path thus your application can't find the file.

  • Thanks. After a deep debug session, i have found the reason. The issue is wiped out by installing GnuPGP on the machine.... No one has told me that!
    Now i have some trouble on loading keys from a key file. The QCA::PGPKey key = QCA::PGPKey("keyfilr.asc") or QCA::PGPKey("keyfile.p12") (for the same key in pkcs12 format) return with "ErrorDecode". Might be, i have misundersood something. I think i can load the keys regardless of any keystore. But with keystore, the decryption works so far. Thanks again.

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