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Error while tring to compile example

  • Hi,
    I installed Qt 5.8
    I managed to run several examples but some of the examples gave me a linking error
    LINK 1104: Cannot open file 'qtmaind.lib'
    Is it something I have to compile?
    if so please tell me how to compile it.
    Ilan Hindy

  • @Ilan

    You need to indicate what example is not linking in your case

    You seem to be on windows, which version?
    What version of MS compiler are you using?

  • Thank you for the hint
    I found out that the environment Desktop Qt 5.8.0 MinGW 32bit is working.
    I am a python programmer so I just wanted to run the examples for learning purposes
    so it is not so important to me what compiler I use as long it is running the examples