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Qt APP on the ARM Platform Always Crashed, But it has run quite well on the desktop version

  • There is a source code for a flight control app based on the Qt, and I have compiled the version for Linux desktop (Ubuntu ), it runs quite steadily , at the same time , I have crosscompiled for the embedded version(Raspberry Pi 3), also can be connected peripheral signal generator normally , but when I click certain ComboBox in the toolbar, the app would crash, the question did not turn up for the desktop version.Usually ,what are the reasons probably for on the embedded platform caused app crash ?Memory leak ?I can not think much about it .Thank for giving me some advice.

  • From my experience, uninitialized variables. At x86 they were always set to 0, at arm to !=0. You can find them with valgrind on x86 and fix them.

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    @Davekawk You should run your app through GDB on the device to see what exactly happens.

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    @Davekawk If you get a stack trace on the device and post it we can help a lot more.

    Otherwise you're stuck doing things like @yeckel said and just searching for potential problems. You can use tools (like the mentioned valgrind) but realistically it will come down to you searching code.

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