ellipse->setPos(X,Y) gives me an error.

  • I had it working last week, but then I changed something and now I get:

    invalid use of incomplete type ‘class QGraphicsEllipseItem’

    In the contstructor:

      scene = new QGraphicsScene(this);
      QBrush greenBrush(Qt::green);
      QBrush yellowBrush(Qt::yellow);
      QBrush redBrush(Qt::red);
      QBrush greyBrush(Qt::gray);
      QPen outlinePen(Qt::black);
      rectangle = scene->addRect(0, 0, 140, 140, outlinePen, redBrush);
      rectangle = scene->addRect(40, 40, 100, 100, outlinePen, greenBrush);
      rectangle = scene->addRect(60, 60, 80, 80, outlinePen, greyBrush);
      ellipse = scene->addEllipse(50, 50, 10, 10, outlinePen, yellowBrush);

    And header file:

        QGraphicsScene *scene;
        QGraphicsRectItem *rectangle;
        QGraphicsEllipseItem *ellipse;
        QGraphicsLineItem *horizontalLine, *verticalLine;
        QGraphicsView *graphicsView_1;

    It are 3 colored rectangled with a yellow dot in the middle. The dot gets drawn but I need it to move around when a machine sends data. I am trying to use the setPos() function but that gives the error.

    What am I doing wrong

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    @bask185 Did you include QGraphicsEllipseItem header file where you call ellipse->setPos(X,Y)?

  • I did now and it solved the problem, tnx ;)

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