Check internet speed using Qt

  • My project is almost finished and I want to know is there is a way to check the internet speed? I want to do that so the program could choose which protocol is better to use if the speed of the internet is not that good then use the UDP protocol if the speed is ok then use the TCP protocol, is there's a way in Qt to check that?

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    @mandruk1331 Why do you want to use UDP if connection is bad? UDP means that you can loose packets. What are your requirements: is it OK if some packets get lost?

  • @jsulm it's ok. Sorry I forgot to mention, that I will use these protocols in a video stream. My camera will send the data to the server side to validate if the frame from the video is valid.

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    @mandruk1331 Then you could just always use UDP

  • @jsulm that's true but as you said I can loose packets and what if I will loose 5-10 frame, that's not good for me. At the moment I have implemented tcp transmission of the frame and it looks promising, but it needs more testing, if the speed will be really low, then I will use UDP instead of TCP

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