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Radeon & Linux owners: need help reproducing bug (QWebEngine freezes on Qt 5.9 BETA)

  • Hi,

    I have registered QTBUG-60418 about freezing QWebEngine that is available in Qt 5.9. beta, on Debian 8 amd64 with KDE desktop. Qt 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8 worked fine.

    It seems that it freezes only on Radeon fgrlx drivers. Bug cannot be reproduced on virtual machine or on Debian 8 KDE Live CD, for example, where Intel (mesa?) drivers are used, so there are lot of suspicion on Radeon drivers indeed.

    If you have Linux box with Radeon card running, it would be nice if you test Qt 5.9 beta webengine and webenginewidgets examples (all of these freezes in my case) and report your experience on bug report mentioned earlier.


  • Didn't Radeon discontinued support for the proprietary driver on X?

    Did you try using the open source driver instead?

  • Yes, Open Source Radeon driver seems to work fine too. I've used DRI_PRIME=1 variable as described in Debian Wiki to launch some QtWebEngine example. I see radeon drivers loaded ind /proc/pid/maps, and there was no freeze.

    Anyway, if someone is stuck with radeon driver for some reason, it would be useful to confirm this on another machine, and maybe add "known issue" to 5.9 release notes for QtWebEngine that it might hang on proprietary Radone drivers on Linux.

  • Considering Gnome itself doesn't even start on fgrlx I wouldn't classify it as a "Known Issue" of QtWebEngine but rather a problem of the driver itself being discontinued. It's not Ideal, I know.

  • @Talkless Use QtWebKit @ be happy

  • @Konstantin-Tokarev I am using QtWebView for mobile app development, which uses QtWebEngine when running on desktop, and that freezes.

  • @VRonin I guess there is actually no reason to test, if fglrx is deprecated, and Open Source drivers works fine, I just mark this topic as solved.

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