[5.8, 5.9 windeploy_qt] Running windeploy_qt results in qrc:/main.qml:-1 File not found

  • If you:

    • create a new dummy qt quick controls 2 app ("DummyApp"). (perhaps in c:\Users\You\Documents\DummyApp)
    • build in release mode.
    • test it Runs from Qt Creator.
    • goto <build-DummyApp-Desktop_Qt_5_8_0_MSVC2013_64bit-Release/release>
    • run c:\Qt5.8\msvc2013_64\bin\windeployqt.exe --qmldir c:\Users\You\Documents\DummyApp DummyApp.exe
    • Run from Qt creator.
    • qrc:/main.qml:-1 File not found


    Any fixes? Work arounds?

  • Resolved.

    The problem was that my path had qt 5.7.1 in it, and thus when windeploy_qt ran, it was in finding 5.7.1 instead of 5.8.

    I wish this sort of thing could be detected by the framework. Lost half a day because of this.

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    @Dynite Good example for why you should not add Qt installations to PATH

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