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QtDesigner: Trick for drop a widget in a zero sized layout ?

  • Hello, I have always the following problem with the designer:

    I have a Dialog with a least on widget with a MinimumExpanding, that mean it take as much space as possible. Then I want an additional layout in the dialog. I drop a layout and it gets 0 height or width (depending on its parent layout).
    Therefore it is not possible to drop a new widget in it. Is there a trick to reach this ?

    Because of this problem I never use layouts directly, I take Frames, increment its minimum size temporary, drop in a widget, set its layout and reset its minimum size.

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    Yeah, it's kinda annoying. What I usually do is set one of the layout's margins, drop the widget and then reset the margin.
    I wouldn't use an extra widget just for that.

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