How to I use GPS in Qt?

  • I have a GPS and the unit is showing up in Linux and xgps is able to connect to it and use it. What do I need to do to access GPS api in qt? I tried installing gypsy libraries and reconfiguring the project, however in the configure output I see no:

    Qt Location:
      Gypsy GPS Daemon ....................... no
      WinRT Geolocation API .................. no

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Maybe a silly question but did you install the development package fro Gypsy ?

  • Yes I installed the dev and any other packages with the name gypsy in it. Any ideas what else I need to do?

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    Are you configuring that module by hand or through the configure script ?

  • I am preparing Qt for build by running the configure script against the latest source code (Qt5.9.0). The section I mentioned in my original post was from the output of confgure script.

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    @Aras Add -v parameter to configure then you will see what exactly is missing (in the configure output/log).

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