Video element in qml

  • Hi,

    I am trying to embed a video element in my qml application. I use Windows Seven, qt from git, qtcreator from git, qt.mobility from git (yesterday git). I use import Qt.multimedia 1.1, and when I launch the application, I have the following error (in debug or release mode) :
    plugin cannot be loaded for module "Qt.multimedia": Cannot load library C:/dev/x32/qt4.7/imports/Qt/multimedia/declarative_multimedia.dll

    the library exist in the folder. I don't know where is the mistake ?

  • the path to lib mobility was missing... but now I have another big trouble : I am trying to play a wmv file. I only have the sound and I have the following log message :

    QMediaPluginLoader: Failed to load plugin: "c:/dev/x32/qt4.7/plugins/mediaservice/dsengine.dll" "The plugin 'C:/dev/x32/qt4.7/plugins/mediaservice/dsengine.dll' uses incompatible Qt library. Expected build key "Windows msvc debug full-config", got "Windows msvc release full-config""

    ... and the same for all others plugins...

    If I start in debug mode, I have a message saying that there is only release module... And If I start in release mode, I have a message saying that there is only the debug module ???

  • I have a similar issue on Windows XP that video doesn't show up on screen but audio is playing. I really appreciate a solution for this.

    Regarding the plugin error message, I removed debug libraries (e.g. dsengined.dll) from plugins/mediaservice folder and then no longer complains about the plugin built. But still video doesn't show up.

    I use Qt 4.7.0 with Qt Mobility 1.1 release on Windows XP.

  • wait for answer

    on linux/ubuntu Video is ok
    but windows(7) ,I only can hear audio

    I find one at:

  • Same problem on Windows XP SP3. No video, just audio.

  • Hi guys,

    As many of you seems to have similar problems, it looks like a bug. Could you provide an example that triggers this wrong behavior, then fill a "bugreport": about it?

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