Any way to cross compile from Windows to FreeBSD?

  • I mean code on Windows, run it on FreeBSD server, thanks.
    Alternatively, code on Linux, run on FreeBSD, is also acceptable.

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    Yes, this is a cross-compilation. If you like to do on windows you need the cross-compilation tools kit for your target system. It is basically the same procedure as compiling for an embedded board. However, you need to search the internet for the fitting tool chain. Qt libs need to be cross-compiled in order to have the complete kit.

    On linux, it is probably dependent. If you have something compatible with FreeBSD you may be able to save the cross-compilation. Probably safer is to there also a cross-compilation.

    Both ways are workable and have been done. I have researched the possibility of cross-compilation for an embedded linux on windows. However, I had decided quickly to go to linux and do the cross-compilation there. Out of personal experience, the more different stuff you throw into a pot and stirr up, the more problems will boil up. Therefore, if you are interested to do the cross-compilation on windows, do it from there. If you have to get it done, probably the start from linux is easier.

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    @jronald To add to @koahnig : I would just set up a virtual machine with FreeBSD and build there. It would be much easier than setting up a cross compilation environment on Windows.

  • @koahnig @jsulm Thanks.

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