raspberry pi 3 wiring pi

  • Hi guys,

    i have succesfully install and setup the qtrpi toolchain on ubuntu 17.04 for cross-compile qt 5.7.0 application on raspberry pi 3 jessy based.

    But in this moment have two questions that shown below:

    1 - When create a form for embedded application in qt designer, i'm not able to set a correct dimensions of form because set her whidth and height but my deploy application is always runs on raspberry in full screen mode. Why this?

    2 - Now, i want install wiring pi library on raspberry for manage the gpio pins. How should i do for work with wiring pi in ubuntu host ? i must syncronize the lib on raspy with the host sysroot toolchain? Every time that i install a new library on raspberry must i doing the sync again? there is a fast command or a fast mode for this?

    Thanks. GoodBye guys.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    1. That depends on the backend used, if EGLF, it's fullscreen. If you want windowing you need to use either the wayland backend with QtWayland or have an Xorg server running and use the xcb backend.

    2. The most simple is to mount the root filesystem of your running Pi using e.g. sshfs. Otherwise, you indeed have to sync it again using e.g. rsync.

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