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Inheriting directly from QDockWidget makes it so I can't place widgets in designer

  • does anybody know why I can't place widgets on my QDockWidget when its the topmost parent?

    I have it the top most parent because I want it to be a custom widget and not a custom window.

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    QDockWidget has its own layout and you put a widget in it via the method setWidget. So in your case make the top most widget inherit a QWidget instead of QDockWidget and add it to the dock from code.

  • the top most widget is the TileMapWidget that inherits from DockWidget though.
    and I need it to be a DockWidget so that when I add it I can dock it.

    QDockWidget *MainWindow::loadDockWindow(Qt::DockWidgetArea dockArea, QDockWidget *widget)
        if (widget == NULL) addDockWidget(dockArea, widget);
        if (!widget->isVisible())  widget->show();
        else widget->hide();
        return widget;

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    Well, for whatever reason your dockwidget .ui file is missing the contents widget. Either recreate it via wizard or just manually fix the file in text editor:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ui version="4.0">
       <widget class="QDockWidget" name="TileMapWidget">
          <widget class="QWidget" name="dockWidgetContents"/>

  • thankyou Chris Kawa.

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