Button autorepeat on Windows-System with Touch

  • Hello,
    I am developing a virtual keyboard for touch screens. The autorepeat function does not work in my Windows10 system.
    For mouse-clicks it works but for touching in get the common thin square drawn on the screen. The problem must have to do with the function of windows that I get for long-touch-down a context menu.
    Any ideas ?

  • Hello, I found a way to disable the context menu under windows, but the autorepeat function does not work nevertheless.

    Therefore I think, it is a general problem with touch and the autorepeat feature of the buttons. For touch it does not work.

    I have tested the click/release/pressed events, now.
    When I touch down I get NO events. When i release I get:
    pressed -> release->clicked. Thats the problem !

    My idea was that the touching simulates the mouse events - touch by touch.
    It seam it works completely different that I thought.
    I must thing about it - shall I use the gesture manager ?

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