Android: Mouse Wheel events not generated

  • Qt Champions 2016

    unfortunately mouse wheel events aren't supported.
    this means much less comfort scrolling through lists from Qt Android APPs
    per ex. if

    • using external USB Mouse
    • using BlackBerry PRIV Android (Slider with capazative keyboard)
    • using just released BlackBerry Android device with physical capazative keyboard (keyONE)
    • using Samsung S8 / S8+ with Samsung DeX and external mouse/keyboard/monitor

    from native Android APPs external mouse with wheel or BlackBerry Android devices with physical capazative Keybard (swipe up/don on the keyboard to scroll) are supported out of the box

    if you would like to have wheel support for Android, please vote on


  • Moderators

    Nice catch, voted.

  • Qt Champions 2016

    Also voted. Its a must have in my book.

  • Qt Champions 2016

    @mrjj good to see that I'm not the only one missing this basic feature.
    please add your comments and / or vote for this bug (missing feature)

  • Qt Champions 2016

    so many cool new features with upcoming Qt 5.9

    but no news about this bug here (and android / interest list)

    for me this is not a nice-to-have but a basic feature users expect to work out of the box

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