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How can I convert the data in QByteArray which use hex to express the complement.

  • Now, I get some QByteArray which use hex to express the complement. For example, QByteArray data1="01" means 00000001 equal to 1, QByteArray data2="0f" means 00001111 equal to 15, QByteArray data2="ff" means 11111111 equal to -1.

    How can i convert the data(QByteArray type) to int, i have to write a function to manually complete the conversion? Or Qt provides some way to complete this conversion?


  • @z69333186

    You obtain the complete QByteArray represented as hex with toHex.
    There are other helpful conversion around there.

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    So basically you have a two-character string that you want to convert to a signed byte and then to int.
    This will do it:

    QByteArray data1 = "0F";
    int data1int = static_cast<qint8>(data1.toInt(nullptr, 16));
    QByteArray data2 = "FF";
    int data2int = static_cast<qint8>(data2.toInt(nullptr, 16));
    qDebug() << data1int << data2int; //prints 15 -1

    Unfortunately QByteArray does not have toInt8() or toChar() method so you need to go through one extra conversion (string -> int -> int8 -> int). If it had it would just be (string -> int8 ->int).

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  • @Chris-Kawa Thank you very very much! It is want i want!

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