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Problem displaying *.tif images after compilation

  • Hello,

    I have a simple gui built with qtpy4. I'm using qgraphicsview to display 8bit *.tif images. Everything works perfectly until I compile with py2exe. After compilation images simply don't display and there are no errors. I've tried the same process with *.PNG files but surprisingly they do work. There seems to be an issue with those *.tif files after compilation.

    I'm out of ideas...please help

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Disclaimer. Python is not my language.

    However, the png is build in, where as tiff loading is an (extra) plugin.

    So my best guess is that the py2exe tool forget/dont include it in the packet and hence its missing at runtime.

  • You were right, I managed to solve this by copying the following folder:


    directly to my build folder. Working on away to include it in compilation.

    Thank you!

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