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Window flags questions.

  • My main window uses the Qt.CustomizeWindowHint flag and it seems the children dialogs uses the same flag as the main window when using QtQuickControls 2.1 .(meaning no Window Manager controls)
    Can anyone tell me if this is how it is supposed to work?
    I am a bit confused because with Controls 1 this wasn't the case. As a workaround I made the dialogs of ApplicationWindow types and set the flags to Qt.Dialog to them and work as I want them to.
    Also, is there a flag which would disable the window title and hide borders and allow resizing? Or I have to implement it myself? CustomizeWindowHint flag seems to allow resizing on some Linux distributions while on others it doesn't.(which probably is related to Window Manager, as it is the case with FramelessWindowHint: "On X11, the result of the flag is dependent on the window manager and its ability to understand Motif and/or NETWM hints. Most existing modern window managers can handle this")

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04, 64 bit version with Unity and tested on other various derivates of Ubuntu(Gnome,Xubuntu, Budgie).

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