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TreeModel, remove an item pointed by an index

  • Hi all.

    I use the stuff described here that basically is a subclass of QAbstractItemModel

    My question is very simple but I feel I tried everything.

    How can I erase an item of a TreeModel if I have an index pointing to it?

        QModelIndex cycleModelIndex;
        QModelIndex cycleModelIndexChild;
        cycleModelIndex = model->index(2,0);

    and I want to kill the item pointed by cycleModelIndex...

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    Isn't that what

    TreeNode * TreeModel ::nodeForIndex(const QModelIndex &index) const;
    void TreeModel ::removeNode(TreeNode *node);

    are for ?

  • @SGaist Not really. They are only if your tree has only 1 column (i.e. that method removes the entire row). since the linked model only supports 1 role, however, you can just set the Qt::DisplayRole data of the index to QVariant() (you'll probably have to reimplement setData in the model to achieve this)

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