Android ABI is incompatible

  • Hi all,
    I'm trying to get started using Qt creator to create an Android app, however I can't get it to run on my device.
    I have a nexus 6p on the latest Android version (7.1.1)

    When I press 'run', the device selection menu says 'ABI is incompatible, device supports ABIs: .' for my actual device.

    This is a fresh install of Qt Creator. I already have Android Studio, and I have used the SDK manager in there to update everything to the latest version.

    Any help appreciated!

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    @mfashby For the device you need ARM build of your app and Qt. Did you install Qt for Android/ARM?

  • Yeah I have installed QT5.8 for Android for ARMv7:


    I'll try installing the x86 version as well since this will be useful for emulators.

  • Nope, makes no difference. When I try to run a project, I get the following dialog:

  • Two ideas:

  • Thanks, you may be right about processor architecture​ incompatibility. The phone has ARMv8-A CPU. I don't see an option for installing pre-built Qt libraries for this CPU architecture though.

  • Looks like someone has done this already for an Android ARM-v8 device, they've had to compile QT themselves..:

    I guess since more devices are using this architecture it might be useful to have it available pre-built to download. I'll find / file a bug report for it. I'll mark this as resolved if the above walkthrough works.

  • None of that was my problem at all. The problem was I hadn't configured my udev rules to access the device properly! Android studio will still allow you to deploy to the device, but QT creator won't. See step 3 on the following page for how to configure:

    After I had done this, the device correctly reported the supported ABIs including both arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a (which is available as a pre-built binary, no need to build it yourself).

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