How to display Widgets in the midle of a Window

  • Following problem:

    I want to display a widget in the middle of a QMdiSubWindow. I also want to use Tabs later. Therefore I add a QStackWidget to a QMdiSubWindow. The first QStackWidget is a Widget I constructed called inAOrifice. Now in the Fullscreenmode the inAOrifice Widget isnt that big and I want to display it in the middle of the QMdiSubWindow, in the QStackWidget respectively. It always appears in the left upper corner. Any suggestions? I have tried a lot already. Cant see my mistake...

    Most common code yet ...

    @MainChild::MainChild(QWidget *parent) : QMdiSubWindow(parent)

    inAOrifice = new inputAOrifice(this);
    stackLayout = new QVBoxLayout(this);
    stackWidget = new QStackedWidget;



    isnt it used when I call with parent widget...

    stackLayout = new QVBoxLayout(this);

    I already tried to set the Layout with

    this->setLayout.... no effect. the widget doesnt appear.

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    You didn't use stackLayout.

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