the error of sending the commend to console from qt program

  • Hi, i'm using qt5.5 on my computer.
    I wanna send the commend like this /home/ to my console.
    This is what my do inside.

    /usr/bin/ioctl weeprom 0 /home/MAC_addr.txt 256

    And i have try it directly through the console and it works right!

    But when i using QProccess to send the commend will always show the wrong information to me like below.

    ioctl: Bad address\n\nAX88179/AX88178A Linux EEPROM/eFuse Programing Tool v1.1.0\n

    And this is the program that i write in my QT APP.

     QProcess *save=new QProcess(this);
                        save->setProcessChannelMode(QProcess::MergedChannels);//victor add send command to console to sync the system
                        save->start("/home/");//victor add
                        if(!save->waitForStarted())//victor add
                           qWarning() << "cannaot start process";
                        qDebug() << info;
                        delete save;

    Where did i doing wrong?
    Please Help!

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    Can you share the content of your script ?

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