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QtCreator hang on.

  • Hi.
    I have problem with QtCreator.
    Just after run it works normally up to few hours, but then starts to hang-on for 10-60 seconds on "save" operations. Press "Ctrl-S" can lead to 5-10 secs hang-on, but while "Save-All" or rebuild project (with "save-all") I have up to minute of completely frozen QtCreator. Other apps are ok, htop shows 1 core 100% CPU loaded by QtCreator.
    After freeze it wakes up and works normally till next rebuild/save.
    Problem came a few monts ago and still here even after a few updates.

    Please help.

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    You should give more information like the version of Qt Creator with which it started as well as OS etc.

  • sorry,
    Linux 4.4.0-75-generic #96-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 20 09:56:33 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    Qt Creator 4.02 based on Qt5.7.0
    However I have this problem for a while and there ware a few updates.

    I think problem somewhere in configs but have no idea where to search

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    I'd start by testing the latest version which is currently 4.2.2 before digging further.

  • i will try, but do not believe in success.

  • I updated to 4.2.2 (based on Qt5.8) and so far have no problems. Thanks for advice.

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