problems on Windows 8.1

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    In tried to install Qt 5.5 using online installer "qt-unified-windows-x86-2.0.2-1-online.exe" but, no way, QT is not correctly installed and so it does not work.

    Surprise! , because it works perfectly on Windows 7.

    Does any one of you have a solution ?


    Franck Bigrat

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    @franck-bigrat Can you explain more? What exactly did not work? How do you know Qt is not correctly installed?
    Also Qt 5.5 is quite old - do you have to use it? If not then you should install 5.8.
    Which exact version did you install: MSVC2013, MSVS2015, MinGW?

  • Thanks

    I had many error messages during installation (espacially when installing minGW) and so in clicked on 'Ignore'. I think it's a part aof the problem.

    I'll try QT 5.8 as soon as possible


  • Hi

    I Finally found a solution : I launched the install program in Windows 7 Compatibility mode and ...

    It works



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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Glad you could find a solution and thanks for sharing.

    Can you test again with the latest version of the online installer ? IIRC it should be 2.0.5

  • hej

    Sorry, not enough time to test the online installer, but i used the same way on Windows 10 and it works too...


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