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Debugger not working even though I installed windows driver kit

  • can someone specify why my debugger still doesn't work?

    I have never been able to debug in qt however recently I needed it so I downloaded windows driver kit because that's what was linked in the qt documentation.

    after I installed it I noticed that I have a kit auto detected under Tool->Options->Build & Run->Kits->Auto detected
    however it has a warning saying "No debugger set up."

    I'm not sure what to do at this point because I don't even know where the driver kits debugger is located.

    can someone care to explain how to fix this?

  • I have to say I had the same problem. Check out my thread here

    In the end I installed a version of QT and mingw instead of using MSVC. Now I can compile and debug also.

    SGaist gave me a link to the QT download page here and I downloaded QT and mingw 32bit.

    I am sorry I can't help you with your actual problem, but if you can't get it to work, then this is a good alternative.

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    If you're refering to MSVC they distribute the console debugger (cdb) in a separate package, which, I believe, is called "Window Developer's Tools" or something akin. Do you have that installed?

  • thankyou Asimov and kshegunov I have realized that I do have WinDbg (ARM) in my list of programs now, I'm just not sure how to use it.

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    @Shadowblitz16 You need to configure the kit you're using so it knows about that debugger. Then just set breakpoints in QtCreator and start debuging via F5

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    ARM ? Are you cross-compiling ? If not you need a debugger matching your Qt build architecture.

  • Hey SGaist I have no idea what I'm doing I just followed the qt documentation

    all I know is what I told you guys. please look at my first post.

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    @Shadowblitz16 said in Debugger not working even though I installed windows driver kit:

    WinDbg (ARM)

    You have installed the debugger for the ARM architecture.

    • ARM: Embedded devices (e.g. phones, tablets)
    • x86: 32-bit desktop
    • x86_64 or x64: 64-bit desktop

    First, install the version that matches your version of Qt.

  • ok let me look up my qt version.

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    The Debugger for MSVC desktop is called CDB. The docs should not point you to installing driver kit. That's an overkill and dated info. CDB is distributed as an optional component of the Windows SDK. If you installed Visual Studio you probably have Windows SDK installed already. Go to the add/remove window and "Modify" the Windows SDK installation. Select the "Debugging tools for Windows" optional component and QtCreator will pick it up automatically. You might need to select the debugger manually in your kit if it doesn't happen automatically.

  • @Chris-Kawa can you explain in more detail please?
    maybe post some images of what to do as well?

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    take a look at this Topic from about a year ago. It did help me setting up the debugger.

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    @Shadowblitz16 Right, here's a step by step with pictures:

    1. Go to uninstall or change program list.
      debugger step 1

    2. Find "Windows Software Development Kit". There might be couple versions installed, depending on which components you selected during Visual Studio installation. Just pick the one with highest version number and click "Modify".
      debugger step 2

    3. Select "Change" and press "Next".
      debugger step 3

    4. Check "Debugging Tools For Windows", press "Change" and finish the installation. It might take a few moments.
      debugger step 4

    5. Open QtCreator, go to Tools->Options->Build&Run->Debuggers tab and verify that the newly installed debugger is detected. There should be 32 and 64 bit versions of CDB.
      debugger step 5

    6. Now go to the Kits tab, select the kit you're using and make sure the Debugger is set to the newly installed one. If it's not just select it from the combo and click "Apply". You might have different kits installed. The picture just shows one of mine. Do this for each MSVC kit you have.
      debugger step 6

    Now you should be able to debug your app using this kit.

  • thankyou so much Chris Kawa I will do this right away.

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