How build Postgresql

  • Hello,
    How i can build Postgresql for android ? I builded for Desktop, and it works, but I don't know how android
    I have windows

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    @Yacinoben Why do you ask how to build PostgreSQL in a Qt forum?
    Why do you want to use PostgreSQL on an Android device?
    It is quite unusual to run a full-blown SQL server on a mobile device!
    Or do you only want to use the client?
    To build it for Android you need to install Android NDK first.
    But you better ask PostgreSQL folks.

  • I have a client application, when i try to connect in the database. I get this message : Driver not loaded. I use a postgresql, and i have just in "android_armv7\plugins\sqldrivers" . I know how to build for the desktop, but no for android . : this is just for linux, but i have windows

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    @Yacinoben Your client application is running on a mobile device and connects to SQL server which is exposed over the internet?
    Not a good idea. Your SQL server should not have direct connection to the internet (for security reasons). Instead you should implement a REST API which will provide clients an indirect access to the data in the SQL database.

    Again: it would be better to ask PostgreSQL developers how to build the client for Android.

  • Thanks for your answer. I didn't know for rest. I will try to work with rest

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