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Launch a second view on a pushed button

  • No @mrjj
    Still have the same problem. I can't solve this thing. (

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    Ok then its not a variable running out of scope.

    And you have tested that
    is called?

    Also try
    QQuickView * view = new QQuickView;
    instead of
    QQuickView * view = new QQuickView()

    Not sure if u want the view to be inside something or in a window.
    IF you dont give a Qwidget a parent it will become a window.
    Else its inserted into parent.

    Also the code

      QQuickView view;

    Can work from main but if u do the same in a function, you have this problem that
    as soon as functions ends, it will delete view
    so right after; is called it will be deleted. ( so might not show at all)
    That is why i showed
    QQuickView * view = new QQuickView(this)
    That wont run out of scope.

  • I have try everything, it doesn't work. Every time creates a new window but is empty.
    I don't understand why doesn't work..
    If i remove

    this->proc->start("some_executabele", QIODevice::ReadWrite);

    Works ok...
    My function in pushed button now looks like this:

        QQuickView* view
        view = new QQuickView();
        this->proc->start("some_executabele", QIODevice::ReadWrite);

    Thank you for your help @mrjj

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    It looks ok.
    ( Note, u create a new QQuickView each time. So its a leak but that u can fix later )

    I would look at what

    To see if it has some issue running/loading.

    Just to be sure. We are debugging the QQuickView and setSource
    and nothing related to waitForFinished ?

    Or are you saying that it works until you use QProcess then windows is empty?

  • Yes,,works until i use QProcess.
    If i let the button handle without QProcess it works.
    It is possible so lunch a QQuickView in a new QProcess? Maybe current process is the reason why doesn't work .

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    Then i think is what happens.
    The setSource starts to load. its still loading when functions returns.

    then waitForFinished blocks the event loop
    so there is no time to draw when the QML is ready.

    so I would try to use the

    and if status is ready, then there in that slot i would run the QProcess.

    In that way you first block the event loop when the
    QML is 100% finished loading and that should work better.

  • Ok, i will try to find an example and i will post if i solve this.

  • Hey @mrjj

    Can you give me one last hand of help ?:D
    Look what i have done

    class Process : public QObject
        QProcess* proc = new QProcess(this);
        QQuickView* view = new QQuickView();
    public slots:
        void startProcess();

    In process.cpp

    void Process::startProcess()
        this->proc->start("C:\\Windows\\System32\\calc.exe", QIODevice::ReadWrite);
    void Process::run() {
        QObject::connect(view,SIGNAL(view::statusChanged),this, SLOT(Process::startProcess()));

    Now the qml is show correct but doesn't start the calc.exe after the qml is load.
    Is corect how i use QObject::connect?

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    @Lucian said in Launch a second view on a pushed button:

    Good work
    There is a slight adjustment

    QObject::connect(view,SIGNAL(view::statusChanged),this, SLOT(Process::startProcess()));

    should be

    QObject::connect(view,SIGNAL(statusChanged() ),this, SLOT(startProcess() ) );
    ( no class:: in front when using the old syntax)

    And i would love if you did

    qDebug() << "status sig:" << QObject::connect(view,SIGNAL(statusChanged() ),this, SLOT(startProcess() ) );

    so you can check it says TRUE;

    void Process::startProcess() {
    qDebug() << "startProcess called";

    So we know it connects works and the startProcess is called.

  • Something is wrong.
    It say : "status sig: false"
    So the signal is not generated.

    Also say:
    QObject::connect: No such signal QQuickView::statusChanged()

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    ahh sorry.
    Didnt check the docs. ( shame on me)

    its just missing the parameter.

    void QQuickView::statusChanged(QQuickView::Status status)

    so its
    QObject::connect(view,SIGNAL(statusChanged(QQuickView::Status) ),this, SLOT(startProcess(QQuickView::Status) ) );

    NOte. only Type is added. NOT the paramtername

    and u need/could to change slot too

    void Process::startProcess( QQuickView::Status thesatus) {
    so here u can actually see if its ready etc.

    but u dont need to use the status :)

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    Please check documentation:
    The signal has a parameter, so it should be:

    qDebug() << "status sig:" << QObject::connect(view,SIGNAL(statusChanged(QQuickView::Status) ),this, SLOT(startProcess() ) );

  • Thanks @mrjj , @jsulm
    Now it's better.
    "status sig: true"

    But the startProcess() still isn't call yet.
    The message from slot is not printed and the calc.exe doesn't show up, but at lest the status from QQuickView is changed.

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    @Lucian Try to connect first:

    void Process::run() {
        QObject::connect(view,SIGNAL(view::statusChanged),this, SLOT(Process::startProcess()));

  • Yes @jsulm .
    It work but this doesn't solve my problem.
    I try to connect status change with startProcess because the progress bar (loading.qml) was block by waitForFinish(-1).
    Now is happening the same.
    The signal and the slot are called in the right order but also loading.qml doesn't popup until i close the calc.exe.

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    @Lucian Why do you wait for the process to finish?


    Are you aware that this call blocks the event loop (so your app is blocked)?

  • Yes @jsulm .
    I need to do that because the process what will be launch will create a txt file. This file will be use farder so i need to be sore the process has finished his job and has created the txt.

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    @Lucian No need to wait for this! Just connect to signal - when it is called the process has finished...
    Qt is an asynchronous framework - you should adapt to asynchronous programming.

  • But how will wait my application to create the txt file ? Because after the process is finished i want to read from that .txt file created by him and if i read before creation the application will fail.
    So i need to connect the finish signal from QProcess with a slot that make the read from .txt file? :D

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    @Lucian Yes, you simply connect a slot to that signal and do what you want with that file in this slot.

  • I have made some changes and now look like this:

    void Process::startProcess()
        qDebug() << "startProcess called";
        this->proc->start("C:\\Windows\\System32\\calc.exe", QIODevice::ReadWrite);
        qDebug() << "connect status :" << QObject::connect(proc,SIGNAL(QProcess::finished()),this, SLOT(addData()));

    And the slot:

    void Process::addData()
        qDebug() << "addData call:";
        SomeClasss c;   ;

    The problem is again with type of the signal:
    *QObject::connect: No such signal QProcess::QProcess::finished()

    From documentation (Qt doc) doesn't seems to be something wrong.

  • I have solved the problem like this:

        qDebug() << "connect status :" << QObject::connect(proc,SIGNAL(finished(int, QProcess::ExitStatus)),this, SLOT(addData()));

    I will mark this as Solved.
    Thank you for your help @jsulm , @mrjj .

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