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[Solved] Making filter in QTableWidget

  • Good day, everyone.
    Tell me please, is there a way to make a filter in a QTableWidget? I know that I can use a QTreeView and QSortFilterProxyModel (i saw it in examples), but what about a QTableWidget.

    Thank you all!

  • QTableView is your better choice. By filtering you want to influence your data. That is what the model-view approach does : you need to work on your model.

    If you want to stick with QTableWidget you need to
    write a filter function yourself and use findItems() to get all the matching items in the table. Iterate the results to hide the filtered rows...

  • Thank you very much, Eddy! Im a newcomer in Qt, So I want to be sure that Im not miss something important. Thank you!

  • You're welcome.

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