How can I know the drop target when drag sth on the desktop or into a folder?

  • I've written a little file-transfer application written in C++ using Qt 5.8 ... it logs into a server, shows the user a list of files available on the server, and lets the user upload or download files.

    This all works fine; you can even drag a file in from the desktop (or from an open folder), and when you drop the file icon into the server-files-list-view, the dropped file gets uploaded to the server.

    Now I have a request for the opposite action as well... my users would like to be able to drag a file out of the server-files-list-view and onto the desktop, or into an open folder window, and have that file get downloaded into that location.

    That seems like a reasonable request, but I don't know how to implement it. Is there a way for a Qt application to find out the directory corresponding to where "drop event" occurred, when the icon was dropped onto the desktop or into an open folder window?

    thanks a lot for help

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